About us

About us

Mimed is the people and the people are mimed

Your health is our day-to-day practice and we strive to give a better health leading to better life of our people.

We fulfil our purpose of giving life by walking our talk following our strong mission, vision and sustainable business model.  

Mimed (Pty) Ltd is a health business practice that operates under five pillars namely Occupational and primary healthcare services, employee wellness program, emergency medical services and medical supply service
A company is a brain child of Dr Khathutshelo Michael Dzivhani whom is highly motivated business entrepreneur hailing from a disadvantaged background but believes that poverty is an inability of humans to utilize resources around them.

We are caring
We are inspiring
We are pioneering
Passionate about your care
Professional health personnel

Experienced Doctors

About Mimed

We provide quality care beyond measure

The company was established in 2014 with an aim of being sustainable for the unforeseeable future and to help in contributing to create a better life within the community in its geographical parameters of operations. Mimed Pty Ltd has attracted investors from all walks of life since its formation in 2014 and the shareholding structure is divided into 3 namely operations, Property and equipment.  

Our team of occupational health care professionals has a rich history in the industry and a wealth of knowledge in the specific areas of enterprise health and wellness. Our understanding of the value of integrating these areas is what sets Mimed apart.

Mimed provides customized turnkey occupational health solutions to medium and large employer groups across various industries, thereby ensuring legislative compliance and a healthy productive workforce.


Unlike in most other medical practitioners, our medical teams form specialist units, each focused on a specific area of treatment. That means you benefit from uniquely knowledgeable and dedicated nursing and care staff.

Our Value Our Mission Our Employees
To be a lifetime trusted and reliable medical services provider that strive to improve good health of our community to create everyday better life.
To provide compassionate, accessible, high quality, cost-effective occupational health and safety.
We aim to provide a high-quality healthcare service in our country and to improve the health status of our people.
We are an innovative company dedicated to advancing health care and occupational health and safety practices.
People are only as good as the tools they possess. So, as to consistently deliver high-quality services.

At Mimed, employees are our most precious assets, they have vast experience in their fields and are trained not only to accomplish their job but to realise that the purpose of their job is to benefit the community.


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