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Since the introduction of Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA), and Mine health and Safety Act (MHSA) it is mandatory for any employer to comply with these Acts. Where ever there are people employed regardless of the industry, Occupational Health is a requirement.

Mimed offers solutions for the required compliance. We specialise in the development, implementation and delivery of comprehensive occupational health strategies.
This facilitates employer compliance with legislation and administrative requirements.

Mimed Occupational Health approach is to deliver this service to suit the different needs of our clients (employers)

The services contracted for may be delivered either:

  • Through managed on-site clinics and infrastructure (Mimed takes full responsibility of the clinic from staffing, management and the day-to-day service delivery)
  • Mimed also have mobile units used to do onsite services in employers’ premises (where ever you are we can reach you)
Our services include (but are not limited to):
Health risk assessments.
Pre-employment medical screenings which enable the correct placement of workers according to their physical and mental compatibility to job specifications.
Medical examinations, which include annual exit and ad hoc examinations recording the health status of workers on termination of service to prevent later litigation.
Follow ups, referrals, administrations and reporting on the heath of your workforce
Employee wellness management
Employee education on general health and workplace risks
Chronic disease management for employees including TB and HIV/AIDS
Treatment and management of IODs (Injury of Duty)
Identification and reporting of occupational diseases
Provision of primary healthcare services
Covid-19 management

Safety is everyone’s responsibility and that is why we offer a range of training modules and courses designed to empower managers and employees alike with the knowledge to contribute to a safe and compliant working environment.

Our innovative On-site clinic services focuses on establishing long-term relationships of care with patients and offers a comprehensive range of services which contributes to productivity increases and reduced absenteeism.

The purpose of medical surveillance is the early identification of medical conditions, if any, that could present an increased risk of adverse health effects related to the task being performed.

Based on the type of work being performed, including consideration of factors such as the duration of the task, the materials being used, and the potential for exposure, medical surveillance may be either recommended or required for the job.

We know all too well that no two companies are the same and we pride ourselves in our ability to adapt to your unique requirements!


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