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A happy, healthy employees are more efficient and more productive. At the same time, the increasing demands of day to day working environment means employees need greater personal health, wellness and lifestyle support.


Many employers recognise the wider potential benefits of investing in wellness and have used it to promote the achievement of other important objectives. For example, investing in wellness can lead to:

  • Improving employee engagement and building individual resilience.
  • Strengthening the employer value proposition to attract and retain the best talent.
  • Reducing safety risk through behavioural change solutions.
  • Enhancing the value and sustainability of the organisation’s most critical resource – people – and demonstrating this to stakeholders.
  • Achieving the organisation’s wider purpose and improving the lives of people.
  • Building the organisation’s reputation and brand.

Our comprehensive employee wellness offering assists both the general workforce and company leadership in dealing with personal and work-related matters through four dedicated programmes:

  • Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) a 24-hour care centre, 7 days a week, with access to psychosocial counselling and financial, legal, and health and wellbeing advice.
  • Executive Wellness– which includes annual medicals, personal health plans, stress management plans/advice, coaching and travel vaccinations.
  • Organisational Wellbeing Services– on-site lifestyle events, health risk screenings, wellness fairs, wellness education and specialised training, and chronic disease management programmes.
  • Wellness Education– designed to equip employees with the skills they need to effect meaningful change in their lives.


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Safety is everyone’s responsibility and that is why we offer a range of training modules and courses designed to empower managers and employees alike with the knowledge to contribute to a safe and compliant working environment.

Our innovative On-site clinic services focuses on establishing long-term relationships of care with patients and offers a comprehensive range of services which contributes to productivity increases and reduced absenteeism.

The purpose of medical surveillance is the early identification of medical conditions, if any, that could present an increased risk of adverse health effects related to the task being performed.

Based on the type of work being performed, including consideration of factors such as the duration of the task, the materials being used, and the potential for exposure, medical surveillance may be either recommended or required for the job.

We know all too well that no two companies are the same and we pride ourselves in our ability to adapt to your unique requirements!